Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan – Marryoke (DubSync) video – Walking on Sunshine

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Check out the new Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan’s Marryoke Video captured in our DubSync Photo Booth.

With the wedding reception at @GeanHouse we came along with our signature DubSync Photo Booth capturing photos and encouraging all the guests to get involved in the bride and grooms unique music video.

We managed to get all the guests into the booth to sing, dance and mime along to clips from Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. We pump out the song in the booth and show the lyrics to guests on the screen to help them out.

After the event we hand stitch the videos together syncing the original audio over the video and making sure that everybody is in sync or Lipsync.

It may have required a few trips to the bar for Dutch courage for a few of them but it turned out great in the end.

We hope you enjoy watching this Marryoke booth video as much as we did making it.

Our DubSync Marryoke Booth packages are a very popular alternative to the usual photo booth experience you get at weddings.

Marryoke Photo Booth is a unique way to entertain your guests and make them feel a part of your wedding day.

To add that wow factor to your wedding find out more about our Marryoke Booth (DubSync) Package or book now.

Gordon & Julie

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Forsyth Wedding

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[SME_gallery ids=’MzFFrhL,MbfM2VK,VTgSzNQ,tDw8tMK,cxQLW2B,HqBDgg7,nHRBGSx,9rHBtVK,8w3x3Qz,VQh5jRB,cz7nhPP,NwDpngH,VCfgsNq,k4vk2VW,PSSbsMh,qHWnhKs,kJ5Rrjn,BMJrHMG,GJPg2ks,mh2fjkk,9qqDxXD,tWQLkcT,tPFSK4S,pVLNDJ6,q233DKg,Sw8hm3D,7bw3rFT,gLtqCPk,L6Hx3jR,7gNb63L,bZDj4gh,ntp4RTr,sHdb8xc,9CzX7b8,b5JSDL2,VfCvXqT,JpWNSVC,tTrh4gR,NpkKCkg,kbksgCq,xXnWnqx,f7NdvGM,rDKhQvp,QM4thQH,94mQsV8,Xpk4X4K,Mqpghdc,4gGJX4X,VHDVzcR,SgW9rvg,9mqgG94,xK8BfVs,XPxQwRt,BfgVwGJ,cDKg3vg,xbDLwzB,KBN9Rbj,f6CRCG8,kQJ39BH,KKBQcw3,hVtQzXC,K4mmBb6,fRV2sTT,mdSCmfL,DFSXqLR,nSVhsnH,snjbpwR,mpbPnFN,zFRWmXM,LxkdrxD,R6WBzCp,wTc86cw,WjL8gnc,DwQnnGh,Mq9zbzs,M26z8Jf,3Xq3z6m,5nR2PXv,MqtzDs3,t66gXKP,DbzrHkj,DkwWfzm,4K2v95j,rNhCNZW,Csn8cbM,5p8k3F9,TfLK8Vf,WNjQFzS,PRc55r5,cgpZdZk,92pjZf4,XBG4ntk,BSkqRqN,TgcTJcq,hSK9CbH,vVmpbmZ,KqxHrj2,3sKCQn8,Xz6pN8Q,pJ5N6x5,NvkpTG8,6cQpSKx,4CVbKhV,jmjMC5v,2vJPdg8,vWb3rNj,NZtzZbM,pVFTxSV,Npd3GjV,s5LHdGZ,ppW7M9W,n3cGFxs,72BszS9,h2zBJFS,r2ZjHmL,7FWs9Gs,SVbF3FV,JkvvQjM,F66wccV,pfZTrqQ,7hJp84V,S3hGN6r,tCkz3nF,pD2ZKGd,5X8hPCf,NQR7dfk,stqhFRT,bJpV3P8,Fk7QCWb,RRdjZj4,tZrpQbD,4694Rpj,LDKSZ87,VJBWtPX,RRsKzZk,GB8V6Q7,LbNrwXv,pXkt5xN,hVK9HBp,9b53hwJ,MVtQmHd,hFpPKgP,Pxzvkbj,vbkf4ng,nRJhQmj,dm6cgxZ,F4mzJbs,MsKxc35,rpmxgrk,ZTWM4cH,JTBxVdc,R4sFRx4,5Xn5CRt,xTQSSnj,RSFJRWP,MPk48PM,bQcpnwn,bs5X9xC,t6SztKf,LQLdBSS,Z3Z7xp3,GR2CJFj,n3CGGHZ,2KRzbVX,nGjndGW,mZ4w8Pn,Lgghfgj,z22RRhc,ft77nkz,VpvP9DQ,78zKPKm,zZjrqZ4,z7gmFhH,8PJSc2Z,DPMMFzw,GJSt8B7,PBdvfNx,4RhFBZG,nWpch79,2m5CTWg,HxJ9shQ,QkNgfpx,Q8k2hxm,zWmcBQM,sNt4z6g,G4fRh9k,4rSpMXX,ZKCRR9r,jq4fgCG,nbM6FQx,XNQPmb5,LGPgMLL,d3zN3TG,MKRTFSR,fbW3d7S,czNZxjs,5RzVbF8,h7szDDm,DWjMxxm,qCgQsmF,JBBVWCJ,gRpWSL9,3tfm8JP,jKxGJhp,8QHcL5j,g5hWmfb,hZPN9Pj,T3DM6cw,DQ3qNpD,rwR6Mnc,TttC5xJ,z5pDHfM,sP8nSXK,8hPbG9q,z7232Dm,rrLwPXP,kQKjQF9,wRDKJg5,ktvWhRn,jPp6xB7,jRLgRZH,TmwsMPJ,Qn8fV6H,zzKtDCp,8vsxxDD,7GJtGnM,DqqBSNj,3ShzVnn,PfnBCVK,wRrBPpD,FPRt4T6,xSrRDPJ,v4k5sph,w559bbJ,wpKK5kQ,ddT4ftt,LSkT2jj,32GdmDJ,BLJxdMR,hQ9xWzN,M4nKTvz,mzQNZ2f,jb4sStX,nVVjL9P,fZ5DcG6,xJ9vLgN,Wb7pnzZ,KnDxBSK,nXmV3qw,BMkT8Q5,RbPgsx8,6GGsFJ4,SkMN8Jj,W6b8ptm,XRTDRcM,KwRj9HW,ZqnQ9Cz,8DqTb4z,3xQmw9s,MwGGnnF,TMjbzQh,34cmCM7,MB6XRBf,5Q9k8R6,KxsMNVZ,5JvWZDB,VsMLbLV,QHmwdnF,LzNTcDH,cjWQLrQ,sM6nGnL,8KBX2t2,wnqttLQ,jvLTR2g,s3LtTPC,wgRfLRP,hbFMhSK,GDbQ2Fz,vzWpH8Z,zp9sJ5r,WckRzKC,hrD8XxL,DFchJFw,cV4k5f9,JR2s6bG,kztnqxs,HsH3jt5,TQH9V8j,rsPGbPD,8RRrzws,WfWrMgs,JDnJR46,gkZ2GH7,rmXdpcN,g2CkG4N,Pg4cn4d,NdLXgNr,KBFqKVH,qBctRkq,XZ8xWTr,GR8hZnM,p5Lnbnj,j6wMtBM,QDx8BgN,72cr67s,D7ff2VS,5jcnSJX,dHp9dxq,WsdgcF7,JwSnbgt,bJDMRG8,PVh9q5W’ size=’MediumURL’ columns=’3′ caption=” link=’Lightbox’ new=’Yes’]

Foxy photo booth

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Foxy Photo booth serves Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayrshire area providing Photo Booth rentals for a variety of events. Our business can provide professional Photo Booth rental as well as unlimited prints. With the use of these services you can get a full-service Photo Booth rental for a birthday party, wedding, dance event, prom or other type of party.

Photo Booths can liven up almost any event and with the help of some of our packages and fun props you can get treasured photos that could last a lifetime and bring your guests lots of joy for the future. Our packages can include everything from custom props to hourly Photo Booth rentals for your event, karaoke rentals as well as candy carts that can work in combination to the Photo Booth. We bring lots of fun to an event with professional backdrops, high-quality photo equipment as well as the experts to run the photo booth and ensure top quality shots.

As well as offering plenty of fun for your event we are committed to delivering top value from your Photo Booth as well. Each Photo Booth can be catered to a specific event and we can deliver our Photo Booth rentals at costs which can be very affordable for parties and events of all budget types. Our staff can arrive on site at almost any event in the greater Falkirk, Paisley, Perth, Edinburgh and greater Newcastle area.

Our booths are well integrated with high quality professional lighting, backdrops, the ability to produce prints on site in color and black-and-white as well as social media integration for instant sharing. Your event could have a constant stream of wonderful pictures from our Photo Booth and we can even print out some of these memories so that you can share them and keep them for a lifetime.

Contact us today if you would like more information on our Photo Booth, Prints, packages and more.

These Awesome Grandparents Just Changed The Wedding Photo Booth Game

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Chances are, you’ve been to a wedding that has a photo booth.

Chances are, you've been to a wedding that has a photo booth.

Caroline Ross Photography / Via

It probably had props, a cool background, or even a neato face-in-hole feature.

But we bet you’ve never seen a photo booth picture as EPIC as this one.

But we bet you've never seen a photo booth picture as EPIC as this one.

Teale Photography / Via

Michael Riddering posted the perfect snapshot to Reddit last night after his friend William Weiss sent it to him. The priceless moment happened at Weiss’s girlfriend’s brother’s wedding last Saturday.

Weiss told BuzzFeed Life that two of the people in the picture — the perfect couple below — are the groom’s grandparents. The other folks are longtime friends of the grandparents.

Weiss told BuzzFeed Life that two of the people in the picture — the perfect couple below — are the groom's grandparents. The other folks are longtime friends of the grandparents.

Teale Photography / Via

Justin and Teale Gunter of Teale Photography sent it to the bride and groom, who wish to remain anonymous, as a sneak peek at their wedding.

“This was the first official wedding photo the bride saw,” Weiss said. “She was laughing pretty freaking hard about it. It was sent it with no caption, just a dot dot dot.”

"This was the first official wedding photo the bride saw," Weiss said. "She was laughing pretty freaking hard about it. It was sent it with no caption, just a dot dot dot."

Teale Photography / Via

Weiss also said that he’s known his girlfriend’s grandparents for four years, but he never expected to see them take a picture like this one. “It’s definitely not their typical behavior. They are very respectful and when I saw the photo, I couldn’t believe they did it.”

Still, he says he shouldn’t have been too surprised. At the Nashville wedding, the groom’s grandmother was “a dancing queen, we can just put it that way,” Weiss said. “She was out there dancing the entire night, and she was loving dancing with the groomsmen.”

As of post time, the party animals have no idea that their photo, which has more than 2 million views on Imgur, is viral.

As of post time, the party animals have no idea that their photo, which has more than 2 million views on Imgur, is viral.
Teale Photography / Via

“I don’t think they know what viral means,” Weiss said.



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They may be the greatest visual feminist act since the famous bra burners of the ’70s unsnapped and lit up.


Last month on a solo work trip to France I spent an afternoon sightseeing and politely rejecting multiple offers from members of the group I was with to take my picture for me. A mostly older crowd, they had seen me snapping myself against the stunning backdrop and rushed to offer assistance as though I were handicapped in some way.

But I didn’t want their help. My selfieing wasn’t an act of solo desperation, it was simply that I knew how I wanted to look, and I knew I could do it better on my own. See, when it comes to photos of myself, I prefer the selfie.

I can’t be alone in this. Presumably, in the nearly five years since Instagram launched, we have all realized that we take our own best pictures. With few exceptions, I prefer to be in charge of my own image.

The selfie gets a bad rap. It’s been linked to narcissism and even to psychopathy. (Though it’s worth noting that we are still in the relatively early days of the Internet.) (If not, narcissism.) Still, it’s women who seem to bear the brunt of the criticism for duck-facing. Women have been conditioned to believe that displaying too much interest in our own looks reveals some sort of deep character flaw. Having our picture taken by others and being the subject of other people’s gaze? Those are positions women have historically been told are the true source of our power and our worth. But standing in our own gaze? Like nearly anything having to do with women casting themselves in the starring role of their own lives, it is considered distasteful. Even as I snapped away, up there on that picture perfect hillside, I did so somewhat sheepishly, as though I were, in fact, revealing an unfortunate weakness about myself.

During my trip, I visited the Palace of the Popes in Avignon. The large stone palace was a parade of papal domestic details: their decorating decisions, insights into their eating, sleeping, and entertainment habits, and in one large vaulted room, their portraits. An entire wall of framed paintings of these old white men looking imperious and pleased with themselves. Basically the Papal equivalent of nearly any room you’ve ever been in whose raison d’être is celebrating the history of established power. Nothing new here.

As I turned to leave to seek out my third pain au chocolat of the day I found myself weaving through a group selfie-taking school girls on a class trip. Nothing new there either. (The light in Southern France is by far Mother Nature’s best filter.) Kids who have grown up with the iPhone and appear to have far fewer qualms about capturing themselves; it’s part of their native language, and perhaps a nice relief from forever being the subject of their parents’ cameras (the first thing my 5-year-old nephew did with his new iPad was turn it on himself and snap 30 pictures in a row). Yet the contrast in this setting was striking: behind me rows of glowering old men, whose portraits had been commissioned and executed with great precision (portrait painters were the original filters) — whose lives and predilections I’d just learned about in great detail. In front of me, anonymous young women publicly recording the minutiae of an afternoon school trip.

The scene called to mind a passage from Gail Collins excellent 2008 book America’s Women (I promise you, this is a GREAT beach read) that has stuck in my head ever since I first encountered it. “One of the tricks to being a great historical figure,” says Collins, “is to leave behind as much information as possible.” And we’re all familiar with the phrase “history is written by the victors.” But the real truth is that history has, until very recently, been written by the people (read: white men) who were able to use pens. That we know so little about women’s lives—not just their daily habits, but how they felt about them — has very little to do with the importance of women’s roles in history and everything to do with the importance placed on those roles by the men with the pens. “One of the great mysteries of colonial women’s lives is what they did about menstruation” says Collins. It’s hard to imagine that if something was happening to men’s bodies every month for the entirety of human existence we’d be lacking in any of its details.

“We talk a lot more about the Pilgrims than Eleanor Dare of Virginia; she came first but vanished before history got a chance to know her,” Collins writes. “New England spinsters get way more than their share of attention because of their winning habit of keeping diaries. Native American women who had no written language left behind almost nothing of their voices. It’s absolutely impossible to write this kind of book without wanted to apologize for the failure to give them their due.”

Cut to 2015. We have swiftly and suddenly arrived in an age where everyone has the ability to tell their own story. It is fun to mock the mundane minutiae that comes with this widening platform, but the truth is minutiae is for the most part what our lives are weaved from. And yet the hesitation lingers. Even the title of Kim Kardashian’s book of selfies, Selfish, betrays a certain apologetic admission. Yes, most of those selfies are of her breasts. This is perhaps to be expected; we are still a long ways from sharing the truly unglamorous images from our lives. Even so, we’re definitely making progress.

And with each new angle snapped, each new idea of ourself recorded, filtered, captioned, we are presented with a new way to be, a new starring role to play, and a new way to see ourselves. Selfieing may be the greatest visual feminist act since the famous bra burners of the ’70s unsnapped and lit up. Of course, I’m not the first person to defend the power of the selfie. A few years ago Rachel Simmons made the case over at Slate: “The selfie is a tiny pulse of girl pride—a shout-out to the self.” She referenced a selfie taken by some of the first women to complete Marine infantry training. Thanks to the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna et al those shouts are getting a lot louder.

In her seminal book On Photography, Susan Sontag writes “to photograph people is to violate them, by seeing them as they never see themselves, by having knowledge of them that they can never have; it turns people into objects that can be symbolically possessed. Just as a camera is a sublimation of the gun, to photograph someone is a subliminal murder.” This seems a rather drastic definition of the vacation rolls your parents dutifully snapped of your childhood but it does add credence to the idea that to turn the camera on oneself is to bestow life and freedom. In other words, to give voice where before there was often none. So selfie away this summer, ladies, and do it with pride. Leave as many voices behind you as you can.

Credit Elle




The one where we totally missed a woman who wasn’t Jennifer Aniston appearing as Rachel on ‘Friends’

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By now, you should have finished your epic binge of Friends on Netflix. It has been on the streaming site for almost a year, you know, which is more than enough time to get through all 236 half-hour episodes. Congrats if you’ve finished, and keep chugging along if you’re still watching. But right now you have to stop what you’re doing because there’s one episode you have to go back and watch immediately. It’s Season 9, Episode 15, “The One With The Mugging.” That’s because in this episode, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t play Rachel Green.

I swear on all the Friends episodes where Paul Rudd plays Mike, this is true. This is the episode where Ross realizes that it was Phoebe who mugged him in Central Park all those years ago, and, elsewhere, Jeff Goldblum guest stars as a director working with Joey. And also, as one eagle-eyed viewer has pointed out, for a split second of time Rachel Green is a completely different woman.

Two minutes into this episode, Joey comes rushing into Monica’s apartment with Rachel right behind him. They have a quick back and forth, and then Joey goes to sit down at the table with Monica. Rachel is barely in frame at this point, and this is when she goes through a crazy split second transformation and becomes a shorter woman with brown hair.

Don’t believe it? Here is our friend Rachel, as played by Aniston.



Who is this woman, and what has she done with Rachel? Why isn’t she at least wearing the same shirt as Rachel? What’s going on? The answer: She’s most likely a stand-in. Maybe she jumped in for a quick second when Aniston had to step out of the scene for some reason. Maybe this scene needed to be re-shot and Aniston was unavailable. There are lots of reasons a production might choose to use a stand-in while filming a scene. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that she’s not Jennifer Aniston, and clearly accidentally made it halfway into a Friends episode.

So there you have it. This is now “The One Where We Totally Missed A Crazy Tiny Detail.”

(Images via NBC.)


Credit: Hello Giggles


Trade Show Marketing Misery – 10 Deadly Mistakes That Spell Disaster!

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If you want to guarantee disaster, huge expense and seriously

challenge your health in your trade show marketing, follow this

simple formula. Although these top 10 tips are somewhat humorous,

they are unfortunately based on real-life observations I have made in

many trade shows.

1) Think you know everything, even if you’ve never attended a travel

trade show. You’re convinced travel trade show marketing is for you

because everyone else seems to do it. Plus you’re not sure what other

tourism marketing to do.

2) Don’t do any pre-show promotions to regional customers and

prospects. You don’t want to spend any more money because your

cheap or max’d out your credit card. You figure it’s the trade show

management’s job to get people to the show.

3) Never talk to show management and don’t read the manual before

the show. You believe that all they want to do is try to sell you more

space or inform you about an additional union cost they forgot to tell you


4) Design and build the booth yourself in your spare time. Proudly place

your company name across the middle of your display in large 4″ type;

“Joe’s Fun Trips”. Load up the booth and table with dozen’s of small

photos your 7-year old niece took with “Brownie camera.

5) Don’t talk with your staff or create show goals. Put your old Uncle

Albert in the booth since he knows your region and trips better then

anyone, even though he’s hard of hearing and shy. Don’t have or

practice a strategy on how to approach prospects.

6) Arrive just in time for the show because you want to avoid extra

lodging costs. Carry and move all your booth supplies and avoid the

expense and hassle of shipping and handling.

7) Consider everyone in the show a prospect. Try to coral everyone

that’s walking by. Tell everyone what’s better about your trips and why

everyone else’s stinks.

8) Give everyone several of your expensive new 4-color brochures. You

invested the majority of your tourism promotional money into the new

brochures and you want to make sure everyone has one.

9) You and old Uncle Albert will work the weeklong booth yourselves.

Don’t drink water. Eat tradeshow concessionaire fast food exclusively.

Attends late night hospitality suites, drink all the free beer you can and

party with associates every night. Forget your breath mints.

10) Jump into operations when your get back to the office. Wait for all

the calls and new clients from your travel trade show marketing to come

pouring in.

If you want the top tips for how-to exhibit successfully, read my other

articles on travel trade show exhibiting on my website or here at It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Successful

trade show exhibiting is something you can learn and prosper from –

unless you are old Uncle Albert.

Source by Tim Warren

Technology and the Various Ways to Communicate in the 21st Century

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Is the Internet an advantage or disadvantage?

Is the information we getting on the Internet correct?

How are relationships being affected by today’s technology?

How is our free time spent and is it better because of cell phones and computers?

Is there any such thing as true intimacy anymore and if so, how do we find it?

Are our children safer because of our…cell phones? computers?

Is crime down or up because of the technology?

Do the majority of the people know how to use the computer effectively or is it a source of constant frustration?

Our work, it is better that more people are working from home, isolated from the public and the only feedback they get on their ideas is on the computer and not person to person.

What is lost in our modern way of communicating? Feelings, attitudes, lack of body language…

Cell Phones

The way cell phones are made today you can do just about anything with them; you can talk, send text messages, take pictures, video record, voice record, listen to radio, download and play Mp3’s, and surf the internet. Cell phones play a big role in Americans’ life today; they are the cause of death, lives being saved and one of the biggest trends in the world today.

Cell phones have become one of the tools in solving crimes and saving lives. It was stated in the daily paper that the Rutgers University Police Department and the National Safety Campaign has encouraged students, staff and faculty to put the word ICE (In Case of Emergency) in their cell phones with and emergency number under it. (Daily targum). By doing this if something happens to you the authorities would be able to reach family members quickly especially if it’s a life or death situation and they need approval for something. Cell phones have been known to be used in kidnappings even if the phones is not activated it still can be used, all cell phones have a 911 emergency dial and it can be traced if the police can keep you on the phone long enough. (Cellular Phone News).

Cell phones like any other thing in life have cons to it, they have caused death. Because of society today people have a stigma that they can’t live without their phone? Most people can’t function through out the day…

Even as I sit here writing this article, my iPhone sits right next to me, just in case I get a call. Of course, if I choose to answer it, my concentration and train of thought about what I am writing is gone. As I walk down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, one of the first sights I see are people walking with one hand up to their ear, distracted from what is going on around them. Have you ever seen a couple holding hands and both are on their cell phones? I can’t think of anyone I know that doesn’t have a mobile device. When I was young, my father had a phone in his car. It was large and cumbersome. Car phones were rare and very expensive at the time. Times have changed…. I know who do not own one these mobile devices. People are accessible almost anywhere at any time. Have you ever, not answered your phone due to something important going on in your life? The first comment out of the caller’s mouth is usually, “why didn’t you answer your phone?” With today’s technology we have lost our privacy, unless, of course, we turn our phones off. Most people don’t want to turn their phones off….just in case of an emergency. What did we do decades ago, before we had cell phones, we still had emergencies.

So what is the controversy about? Cell phones that allow us to stay connected to our family, friends, and co-workers. There has been more and more discussion about how this technology is affecting our relationships and interaction with people in our everyday lives.

There are many pros and cons about using a cell phone. It is easy to understand why there is so much discussion, when you realize the cell phone has been called life saving in an emergency while at the same time, being part of the reason for causing the emergency.

Cell phones have been proven to contribute to deadly car accidents. Today, people have been known to talk on their phones, text and even surf the Internet while driving. This has become a serious problem. Many states have laws against using your cell phone while driving.

Studies have shown that people who use a cell phone while driving are four times more likely to be involved in a car accident. Your life is not the only one at stake when you get behind the wheel.

However, it is also comforting to know that if you were to get a flat tire, or have a problem when driving that you have access to a phone. It is also a wonderful tool to keep in touch with your children who are driving. Cell phones have also been used to make calls in more serious situations. (i.e. Columbine, other school shootings and crime situations) There are no longer phone booths and obviously, having a cell phone in your car within reach is very important and can save lives. One of the earliest complaints of cell phones was the disturbance they caused in public places such as religious services, important meetings, restaurants, doctor appointments, hospitals, and various business and personal situations. It is very embarrassing when the phone rings in your pocket in one of these situations; or been subject to the person sitting next to you on the subway listening to your conversation. Movie Theaters now have clips dedicated solely to reminding audience members to turn off their phones.

Almost all kids today have grown up around this technology and many are using it at younger ages. Cell phones have replaced the need for alarm clocks, calendars, and watches. Some of the newer features are a camera, video, email and downloading your favorite songs So, I ask you…is being able to access information so readily a source for a simpler life?

Have cell phones become a “status symbol” of what’s popular?

It is impossible to deny that cell phones have become important personally and professionally. Many families no longer live in the state and they provide a great way to keep in touch. I think cell phones have a time and a place and that people shouldn’t be expected to be on call 24 hours a day. Give yourself permission to not answer or turn your cell phone off. If it is an emergency they will call back immediately.

We seem to have forgotten it was once possible to survive without them.

Source by Janie Behr

Hints and Tips About Wearing Jewellery

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Topics Covered

What Gemstone for My Colouring?

To Match or To Contrast?

What Length Chain?

What Style of Earring Will Suit Me?

How Much Jewellery Should I Wear?

What Gemstone for My Colouring?

The following tips are useful guidelines to steer you towards the most suitable gemstone colour palette.

Is your hair solid silver or dark without golden highlights?

Do you have dark eyes?

Is your skin tone olive, cool or sallow?

Do you look better in silver than in gold?

Then you are amongst the majority of white Caucasian people.

You can wear clear, clean, bright colours particularly with a lot of white in them. Your best basics are black and navy.

Most semi-precious gemstones will suit you but the following are ideal:



Lapis Lazuli


Rose Quartz

Black Onyx


Blue Topaz

Does your hair have golden or red tones?

Do you have medium to dark eyes?

Is your hair dark or medium dark?

Is your skin tone golden or peachy?

Do you look better in gold than in silver?

Then the colours of a typical sunny Autumn day suit you – browns, greens, burnt oranges, teal, deep aubergine.

Your best basics are olive green and brown.

The following semi-precious stones are ideal for your colouring:



Tiger Eye



Citrine (especially the golden yellow to orange shades).


Smokey Quartz


Does your hair have golden or red tones?

Do you have clear, light to medium eyes?

Is your hair medium to light?

Is your skin tone golden or peachy?

Do you look better in gold than in silver?

Then neutral tones are your best basics highlighted with purpley-blue, soft coral or turquoise.

The following semi-precious stones are ideal for your colouring:


Smokey Quartz




Aqua Chalcedony

Is your hair medium to light with cool tones?

Is your complexion a typical English Rose – radiant with translucent skin and apples in your cheeks?

Do you look better in silver than in gold?

Then all shades of pastel blue, pink and mauve suit you and your basics are grey and a greyed navy.

The following semi-precious stones are ideal for your colouring:

Blue Chalcedony


Rose Quartz


Blue Topaz

Fire Opal

To Match or To Contrast?

– As a rule of thumb contrast the jewellery to stand out on a plain understated outfit e.g. Turquoise or Lapis Lazuli against all black, Coral or Citrine against dark brown. Equally successful is a contrasting but toning colour e.g. Peridot against dark greens, Blue Topaz against navy.

– As part of the same rule, pick out a colour in a print and coordinate to that colour e.g. if you are wearing a multi-coloured pastel print pick out the pink, blue, aqua, lemon, lilac etc. and use a gemstone of that shade to match or tone in.

– Pearls are pretty universal and will add light to most outfits

What Length Chain?

If you’re pondering the length of chain you need to wear with a pendant the first thing to decide is what you will wear the pendant with.

Inside an open-necked shirt, over a jumper or with a V-necked T shirt?

A small and dainty pendant will look better on a lighter, shorter chain but a larger, heavier design will suit a more substantial chain and could look stunning worn low on a longer chain.

Once you have made this decision all you need is a piece of string long enough to go round your neck and finish at the point at which you want the pendant to drop.

If it helps you to visualise the finished effect, thread the string through the bail and knot it at the desired length.

Measure the length of string and this is the chain length to buy.

What Style of Earring Will Suit Me?

Jewellery is a very personal affair and you have to feel comfortable wearing your choice.

However, here are a few guidelines to consider:

Face shape and hair style will influence what suits you.

– A pair of large earrings on an elfin face will overpower the face’s fine features.

– Similarly, over-large earrings with a short hair cut can look unbalanced.

– Long hair can hide a discreet earring so something more dramatic may be called for.

– A long neck can carry off a long chandelier or drop earring but this style will emphasise a short neck. If you’re not a swan, choose a short drop earring instead.

– Hair worn piled up on the head adds height and lengthens the neck. This is an ideal opportunity to wear a drop or dangly earring and it’s so sexy!

– Consider the neckwear you have chosen and balance the earring. A dramatic statement necklace requires a discreet, minimal earring. If no necklace is being worn then the earrings can take centre stage.

– Stud earrings suit most face shapes and are practical for everyday.

How Much Jewellery Should I Wear?

– If you are wearing a statement necklace – something large and bold – keep the earrings minimal and discreet. Otherwise the effect of the necklace is lost and your head and shoulders are in danger of looking like an overdressed Christmas Tree. Remember that jewellery is an accessory and should not overpower you. After all it’s you who wants to shine!

– Similarly, think carefully about your hands. Many rings of a similar type worn together can create a certain “look”. However a special or statement ring needs space around it and does not require accompaniment.

– Avoid over coordinated looks. If you have the matching necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelet and ring they don’t all have to be worn together. Be selective and think about the outfit they are accessorising – what does it need?

Source by Joan Booth