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Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan – Marryoke (DubSync) video – Walking on Sunshine

By 15th February 2017Uncategorised

Check out the new Mr. & Mrs. Buchanan’s Marryoke Video captured in our DubSync Photo Booth.

With the wedding reception at @GeanHouse we came along with our signature DubSync Photo Booth capturing photos and encouraging all the guests to get involved in the bride and grooms unique music video.

We managed to get all the guests into the booth to sing, dance and mime along to clips from Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. We pump out the song in the booth and show the lyrics to guests on the screen to help them out.

After the event we hand stitch the videos together syncing the original audio over the video and making sure that everybody is in sync or Lipsync.

It may have required a few trips to the bar for Dutch courage for a few of them but it turned out great in the end.

We hope you enjoy watching this Marryoke booth video as much as we did making it.

Our DubSync Marryoke Booth packages are a very popular alternative to the usual photo booth experience you get at weddings.

Marryoke Photo Booth is a unique way to entertain your guests and make them feel a part of your wedding day.

To add that wow factor to your wedding find out more about our Marryoke Booth (DubSync) Package or book now.

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