Technology and the Various Ways to Communicate in the 21st Century

By 15th August 2015Articles

Is the Internet an advantage or disadvantage?

Is the information we getting on the Internet correct?

How are relationships being affected by today’s technology?

How is our free time spent and is it better because of cell phones and computers?

Is there any such thing as true intimacy anymore and if so, how do we find it?

Are our children safer because of our…cell phones? computers?

Is crime down or up because of the technology?

Do the majority of the people know how to use the computer effectively or is it a source of constant frustration?

Our work, it is better that more people are working from home, isolated from the public and the only feedback they get on their ideas is on the computer and not person to person.

What is lost in our modern way of communicating? Feelings, attitudes, lack of body language…

Cell Phones

The way cell phones are made today you can do just about anything with them; you can talk, send text messages, take pictures, video record, voice record, listen to radio, download and play Mp3’s, and surf the internet. Cell phones play a big role in Americans’ life today; they are the cause of death, lives being saved and one of the biggest trends in the world today.

Cell phones have become one of the tools in solving crimes and saving lives. It was stated in the daily paper that the Rutgers University Police Department and the National Safety Campaign has encouraged students, staff and faculty to put the word ICE (In Case of Emergency) in their cell phones with and emergency number under it. (Daily targum). By doing this if something happens to you the authorities would be able to reach family members quickly especially if it’s a life or death situation and they need approval for something. Cell phones have been known to be used in kidnappings even if the phones is not activated it still can be used, all cell phones have a 911 emergency dial and it can be traced if the police can keep you on the phone long enough. (Cellular Phone News).

Cell phones like any other thing in life have cons to it, they have caused death. Because of society today people have a stigma that they can’t live without their phone? Most people can’t function through out the day…

Even as I sit here writing this article, my iPhone sits right next to me, just in case I get a call. Of course, if I choose to answer it, my concentration and train of thought about what I am writing is gone. As I walk down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, one of the first sights I see are people walking with one hand up to their ear, distracted from what is going on around them. Have you ever seen a couple holding hands and both are on their cell phones? I can’t think of anyone I know that doesn’t have a mobile device. When I was young, my father had a phone in his car. It was large and cumbersome. Car phones were rare and very expensive at the time. Times have changed…. I know who do not own one these mobile devices. People are accessible almost anywhere at any time. Have you ever, not answered your phone due to something important going on in your life? The first comment out of the caller’s mouth is usually, “why didn’t you answer your phone?” With today’s technology we have lost our privacy, unless, of course, we turn our phones off. Most people don’t want to turn their phones off….just in case of an emergency. What did we do decades ago, before we had cell phones, we still had emergencies.

So what is the controversy about? Cell phones that allow us to stay connected to our family, friends, and co-workers. There has been more and more discussion about how this technology is affecting our relationships and interaction with people in our everyday lives.

There are many pros and cons about using a cell phone. It is easy to understand why there is so much discussion, when you realize the cell phone has been called life saving in an emergency while at the same time, being part of the reason for causing the emergency.

Cell phones have been proven to contribute to deadly car accidents. Today, people have been known to talk on their phones, text and even surf the Internet while driving. This has become a serious problem. Many states have laws against using your cell phone while driving.

Studies have shown that people who use a cell phone while driving are four times more likely to be involved in a car accident. Your life is not the only one at stake when you get behind the wheel.

However, it is also comforting to know that if you were to get a flat tire, or have a problem when driving that you have access to a phone. It is also a wonderful tool to keep in touch with your children who are driving. Cell phones have also been used to make calls in more serious situations. (i.e. Columbine, other school shootings and crime situations) There are no longer phone booths and obviously, having a cell phone in your car within reach is very important and can save lives. One of the earliest complaints of cell phones was the disturbance they caused in public places such as religious services, important meetings, restaurants, doctor appointments, hospitals, and various business and personal situations. It is very embarrassing when the phone rings in your pocket in one of these situations; or been subject to the person sitting next to you on the subway listening to your conversation. Movie Theaters now have clips dedicated solely to reminding audience members to turn off their phones.

Almost all kids today have grown up around this technology and many are using it at younger ages. Cell phones have replaced the need for alarm clocks, calendars, and watches. Some of the newer features are a camera, video, email and downloading your favorite songs So, I ask you…is being able to access information so readily a source for a simpler life?

Have cell phones become a “status symbol” of what’s popular?

It is impossible to deny that cell phones have become important personally and professionally. Many families no longer live in the state and they provide a great way to keep in touch. I think cell phones have a time and a place and that people shouldn’t be expected to be on call 24 hours a day. Give yourself permission to not answer or turn your cell phone off. If it is an emergency they will call back immediately.

We seem to have forgotten it was once possible to survive without them.

Source by Janie Behr