Red Light Therapy For Anti Aging

By 13th August 2015Articles

Red light therapy for anti aging purposes is a form of LED light therapy, also called photo rejuvenation. This procedure uses Light Emitting Diodes directly pointed to the skin to promote a younger and healthier skin. Red light therapy is completely natural and actually triggers a response from your body to get your skin improved from the inside.

This skin care treatment has been researched and developed by NASA, and was first used to evaluate the reaction of plants under LEDs. The process showed it accelerated growing, and later confirmed that it was effective on humans cells. Though plants and human cells are different, light at the ideal wavelength has been proven to improve skin condition, completely naturally.

Indeed, red is the color to heal, and it is used for a number of other conditions, such as pain management (back pain, tendinitis, tennis elbow…). Combined with infrared lights, the procedure is even more effective, since infrared penetrates deeper. As for skin care, what happens is that your skin absorbs the light, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. These two proteins are of course extremely important for your skin firmness and elasticity.

Elastin and collagen production are decreasing while we age, plus the little veins that bring the nutrients in the blood to the surface of the skin become even smaller. Red light renew cells and will help those veins to carry more blood to your skin, more nutrients.

The effect of red light therapy is cumulative. So the more you use it the softer and smoother your skin will be. Generally, treatments for the whole face last about 15 to 30 minutes, but of course you can focus your efforts on certain areas of your face: crow’s feet, corner of the lips, neck, etc. Wrinkles and fine lines will start to get filled with collagen again and you will be happy to get that great tone and radiance on your face back.

Another form of LED light therapy uses blue light, and is dedicated to fight acne. Green light is for hyper pigmentation.

The beauty of it is it’s no surgical intervention, and you don’t need much creams and lotions after all. Though it was first only available from skin clinics, dermatologists and spas, red light therapy devices are now publicly on the market and you can thus get your treatment from your own home. The cost of such devices vary ($100 – $400) but is totally worth it considering the money saved on other skin care products, and much more affordable than sessions at professionals offices.

Source by Thomas Leroy