MingleSticks Are the New Digital Business Card

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Minglesticks are the new innovative alternative to boring paper business cards.

MingleSticks do away with the need to carry hundreds of your own business cards.

MingleSticks do away with the need to swap business cards and carry around lots of other people details.

MingleSticks do away with the need to try to remember who’s business card belonged to which face, and what conversation was it you had with them?

Instead, Minglesticks allow you to simply carry around a small key fob type device that utilises a one push of a button way to connect with others. As you meet another business person, you simply both press the button on your own devices (Mingle) and coding is swapped between the two MingleSticks and upon downloading all your contacts made in that meeting, you then have easy access to those peoples contact details.

They are automatically downloaded into a functional easy to use contact management system which is fully congruent with FaceBook, Linked In, Outlook etc and also instantly updates itself if say one of your contacts amends their phone number, this will automatically update in everyones contact system with whom that person has mingled.

Many more contacts can be made, details are swapped much quicker and easier, there is no need to spend hours typing up details into a database or scanning in business cards, you save printing and design costs on your business cards, you don’t have to remember faces and match them with names as the system has a facial recognition ability and you can type up your notes on your conversations whilst at the meetings, events so no important information gets forgotten.

Prior to the event, you would receive an invitation to enter your contact details into the MingleStick secure system, ideally at least your name, company, facial photo, email address, and then at the event a MingleStick would be assigned to you. Any time during the event you would be able to visit the MingleStick booth or table and download the contacts you had made and type in any relevant notes.

The Minglesticks can hold up to 500 contacts, and once you download them the MingleSticks are then free again to collect a further 500 contacts should you desire.

After the event you can then see your contacts within your account section, against each persons details should be a facial photo for easy recognition, and ways to make more contact with them. You are the free to hold communications with them via the MingleManager contact site or contact them any other way agreed.

You always have the option of who gets which of your details so if there are some people you are not too sure of you would only allow them access to your name and email say, these choices can be amended at any time.

Also if you then change your mobile number, say, there is no need for you to email everybody to let them know, simply amend it in your own account and it will automatically amend it in the account of everyone of your MingleStick contacts.

This whole system is so powerful and so easy to use it is completely ideal for all forms of networking, business breakfasts, speed networking, meetings, conferences, business network groups etc.

I have spoken to people who have used them and they love them.

They are easily affordable, cheaper than a stack of business cards, can be branded too for excellent exposure for any sponsors for specific events or groups and the future of the development will see them be able to hold recorded messages for instant memory of conversations.

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