Freud Thought The Irish Were Too Difficult To Figure Out

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It is amazing how we hold certain folks in history out in such high-esteem. Did you know that Freud may not have been the super psychologist we believe he was? In fact did you realize that he openly admitted that he figured out all about the human mind and psychology of people except he could not explain the Irish and their personality traits.

Indeed and with regard to Freud and Irish Blood; he might have a point the Irish are somewhat difficult to figure out. This human variation appears to activate chemicals in their brain faster than others and seems to have more high-level energy to ramp up for a cause of their choosing and although highly efficient with their use of those fiery genes (piss and vinegar) they do promote change, strength of character and the ability to press on often enough as history has indeed shown. Having a few “Mc’s” in my own genetic line?

So is their something about the Irish that we do not know? Is there more to the story that we need to hear? What is it about the Irish and their personality that makes them so unique and so often puts them at the top of the food chain in society? Think about how many folks with Irish Blood are important folks in our society and modern civilizations. And if you use proper thinking methodology like a Mind Mapping Technique, maybe you can answer this question that Freud never could?


There is a disproportionate amount? Why? Why do they work so hard and have such tough convictions? Is it nurturing or is Freud onto something? They are different and thus is it nature and that means it is that 80% of their personality that can be attributed to genetics. Well I hope this is thought for food for you in 2007.

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