Can Women Wear Boots in the Summer?

By 7th August 2015Articles

It used to be that once summer showed up women would put away their boots and move on to lighter footwear. Boots on women used to be a big no-no for summer wear because everybody just accepted the fact that boots should only be worn in the winter. The main reason behind this thinking is that boots look like they are made for cold weather and that they are designed to protect your feet from the various weather conditions. While this is still true, it is also becoming more acceptable to wear boots during the summer.

During the summer, you can wear all types of leather or suede boots, even thigh-highs because they often look good with short skirts or even short shorts. While thigh-highs are quite popular in the summer there are other styles of boots that you can choose form based on what you plan to wear during the summer. You can find boots that allow your toes to peek through, but you can also wear ankle, cuffed, and knee-high boots.

More and more women are beginning to wear their boots all year round, because of how stylish and functional they are. If you think about it if you have bought a good pair of women’s boots, they are going to be comfortable to wear, but they are also going to look good with most everything that you have in your closet, as long as you bought the right pair for your dress style.

While it is becoming fashionably sensible to wear boots in the summer there are still some things that you are going to want to avoid doing. One thing that you want to avoid doing is wearing your boots in 100-degree weather with the sun blazing down on everybody. This is where it looks a little silly to be wearing boots because your feet are going to get hot and sweaty from the increased temperatures. The other thing that you want to avoid doing is wearing the wrong style of boots during the summer. For example, any snow boots or fur lined boots that look like winter boots should be placed back in the closet because they just won’t look right in the summer. You also want to pay attention to the inner lining of the boots and avoid any fleeced lined boots. Any boots that scream winter wear need to be avoided.

Source by Andre Visconti