Precious Moments

By 5th August 2015Articles

I am a father of an 8 month old boy. His name is Federico and although he is very cute, he is also very demanding as any child of that age is. Anyone who is already a parent knows what I am talking about. But those precious moments when he tries to walk and talk and the expressions on their faces are worth every single sleepless moment.

Every weekend Saturday I get to spend the whole day with him. Nothing else matters or happens. Its just about him. I think he deserves at least one whole day a week out of my busy schedule. I sit with him all day, talking with him, carrying him and just bonding.

Those are very precious moments for me.

Now as a wealth creation coach I am always looking at different ways to make money and here is another idea that sprang into my mind while I was with him and I hope that you will like that I share this with you.

My time with my son is very special to me as I only get to see him on Saturday’s the rest of the time he is with his mom. I thought it would be really wonderful to have a drawing of the two of us together. There is something nice about drawings and paintings that photos don’t have. Don’t get me wrong photo’s are fantastic, but it would be great to have a painting of us both.

So I can give a photo of me and Federico to an artist and have a painting done for me to frame and hang up on the wall. This made me think about the opportunities that there could be in these special moments.

There are millions of single fathers, single mothers and even millions of happy couples together who would love having a painting of their own families. I am sure that most of my friends would like a painting of these precious moments together.

So how about you? Do you have friends that would want a painting of precious moments together? Could you put together a website based around this service?

How wonderful to capture these precious moments for people forever in art.

Just another wealth creation idea from the “obvious expert” on wealth creation. Try it and see.

Source by Tim J Bennett