Wedding Do’s and Dont’s – A List of Wedding Tips to Help Plan Your Big Day!

By 3rd August 2015Articles

Check it off!

Start with a checklist and start crossing things off of it. Staying organized is the most important thing you can do. There are many sites out there that have great planning tools.

Pin it!

Create a personal Pinterest board with ideas and photo’s you have. Share them with the photographer or whomever needs to create or recreate what you like.

Gather your posse.

As in “a group of people who have a common characteristic, occupation, or purpose.” There is A LOT to do and just when you think, “this isn’t so bad”, you think of something else and another thing and another thing! Don’t do it all yourself and spend all day, everyday planning and organizing. Get your crew to help you out! People love to help! If you do it all yourself, you will be so stressed and wore out before the wedding you will just wish it was over. There are many things people can help with, decor, researching vendors, applying stamps etc etc.

Open bar dude!!!

Weddings are EXPENSIVE, we all know that. But one thing you shouldn’t cut-out are free drinks… at least for part of the night. There are many ways to make this affordable; some venues let you bring your own booze for example and most let you purchase kegs and serve wine. Your guests are already giving you a nice gift of some sort and most can’t afford to shell out $50+ for drinks. Bottom line is that IF you want your guests to stay, dance and have a good time, booze sure won’t hurt the cause!

Be thankful and thank everyone!

Many people chip in one way or another. be sure to personally thank them on your wedding day. Doing it over the mic at the actual reception will mean a lot more to them than just the same thank you that you send out afterwards if you do.

Queen Bee or Queen Beotch?

Your bridesmaids are there for you in many ways and should be willing to do whatever you ask of them, but keep in mind that they are doing a lot for you. Put yourself in their shoes… buying gifts, running with you everywhere, wearing what you want and most of the time digging in their pocket book along the way. Thank them along the way and keep your cool with them at all times.

Can we go home yet?!

OK… so ceremony at 2:00, pictures till 4, hit a couple bars, dinner at 6. Sound good? I hope not! Your guests are gonna go nuts! Downtime after the ceremony is one of the BIGGEST mistakes people make! What in the heck are your guests going to do all that time??? They come for fun and celebration, not a sore butt and nap time. Keep things moving. If people are bored and have to wait around too long, they already want to go home and most likely will eat and leave. You can have a photo booth and stuff during social time, but an hour or so is long enough for people to visit and relax before dinner.

Aruba, Jamaica ooo I want to take ya.

Oh wow, that sounds so amazing! A destination wedding may be what you’ve always wanted to do, but keep in mind that everyone you may want at your wedding may not be up for the trip. Some people may not be able to get off of work, they may not be able to afford to go or they simply don’t want to travel that far. If you choose to have a destination wedding, you will definitely want to consider filming it and having a reception back in your area for those you didn’t invite or for those who couldn’t make it to the wedding.

I can do it, put my back into it.

DIY is in these days, but is that the best for you? I can bake my cake, alter my dress, design my invites… piece o’cake! While saving some money is awesome, consider the time it’s going to take to do these things and certain ones can’t be done that far in advance. One of the worst things you can do for yourself is have a hefty to do list a few weeks before your wedding. PLUS, if you aren’t that experienced in doing some of these things, you may end up getting what you “pay” for. You may run out of time or spending more money last minute than you would have had to pay a professional to handle it for you from the beginning.

1… 2… 3… 4… Money out the door!

Creating your guest list can be a real challenge. Well if I invite them, we better invite Uncle Bob too then. You and your fiance should each create a master list, then sit down together and figure out where your cut-off point is. To help limit certain people, ask yourself how important they really have been to you and your life. If they have always been important to you or had a big impact on your life then invite them. If they haven’t, you know what to do or what not to do that is. Ask yourself, “who has to be invited?”

Parents 2 cents can cost you 2 million cents!

Many parents get bit by the invite bug. Telling you that you should invite this person and them and those, blah blah. Well that’s all well and good IF they are important to you. This is not a super happy fun get-together for your parents friends and neighbors… it’s YOUR big day, invite who you want!

Your signifiCAN other.

Get your fiance involved one way or another. It is their day too and they can help. Assign yourself specific tasks and set deadlines to get these squared away. Some small and simple tasks taken off your plate can make a world of difference.

Get ready, set, spend!

Don’t let someone else’s wedding ruin your own wedding or blow your budget! Just because someone else you know had top of the line this and that doesn’t mean that you need to do the same. The last thing you need to do is overspend on unnecessary things that you really don’t want or need. Starting your new life together will be much harder if you’re starting in the whole with debt!

Guests Requests!

Asking guests for requests in your invites is a very nice gesture, but think of the consequences first. Think about what they will request. Most people tend to request slow songs or songs that aren’t very well known. People generally lean towards choosing a song that not everyone else likes or knows as one of their favorites. It’s just human nature sometimes. Either way, if 50 people reply with slow songs, songs other people don’t know or songs that simply aren’t dance friendly, most of your guests aren’t gonna dance and it will KILL the dance! People like to dance to the songs they know and most people expect to hear “wedding dance music”. You are better off leaving it up to your Dj and allowing the DJ to take requests and play only the appropriate ones. By giving your DJ the power to say that the Bride / Groom wanted only popular songs or whatever, your guests will respect your wishes.

Source by Dave J Ley