Organizing Your Pictures and Making Your Scrapbook Project Happen

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Do you have pictures in strange places? When you open your closet, do boxes of pictures greet you? I think we all enjoy the memories that pictures provide.  But, how can they be organized so that they can be easily enjoyed?

I developed a system that works for me, First, I have three file boxes where I place pictures by subject and then date. You can organize by categories such as vacations, family or to maintain household records of projects as they are started and follow to completion.

I enjoy having a collection of pictures of my children and grandchildren. These are my favorite memories and I curl up with that scrapbook like it is a treasured friend. I also rotate pictures in some small scrapbooks that let you just pop the pictures into slits cut in the corners. They are easily updated.

Some pictures are real keepers. You will want to mount them in special books that have acid free paper and mountings. It is heartbreaking to find old photos turned yellow and cracked with age, when just a little care could have preserved them for posterity.

You can set up a pre-scrapbook with plastic page protectors and just pop pictures and other information such as recital programs, favorite artwork and even tickets from a special concert. When you have more time, just go to the pages and spread the mementos out and design and then mount the items on permanent pages. It is so rewarding to finally have completed books of pictures to enjoy.

Keep photos in a dark, dry place.  Just a bit of planning will give you pleasure for years to come.  For more information on organizing your  photos, please visit our website.

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