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Spanning the years almost as seeming timeless, the song reviews below sum up the greatest moments in music history. Would you like to know the song reviews for the top 10 song list? Look below for your favorites, there is a pretty good chance that all these songs will bring back memories.

#10 Coming in at number 10 in our top song list is Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight. I have noticed mixed reviews with this song. It is recognizable one of the most powerful slow songs (right next to Remember When and I Can’t Help Falling In Love with You), however some feel it has been over played. Personally I have nothing against this song and actually enjoy it. Eric Clapton is talented and became a very successful solo artist in the mid 70s. Some people just are not digging his solo style.

#9 The Sledge sisters are disco divas and “We Are Family” barely makes it in our top 10 of our song list. I feel indifferent about this song and a large portion of guests at parties request this song. The sisters are vocal powerhouses and the intro into the song has hypnotic guitar work. This is their anthem and once again I would say this song is timeless. Sisters everywhere can relate to this song.

#8 Etta James At Last comes in at number 8 on our top song list. This is the essential slow song for your wedding reception. This song grabs you at the heart and the words helps you reminisce of time of lite rock and smooth jazz. Her voice is strong and filled with soul. This will make a perfect addition to your next cocktail party or private event. Enjoy!

#7 Our first funk song holding the 7 spot in our top 10 song list is Abba Dancing Queen. This best selling single is one that I am not fond of at all! This dancey-pop Stockholm style, another #1 fabricated, which personally I felt lacked something and generally droned on somewhat. Since this song is regarded as an icon in itself, I guess this makes me out of step with the world. I will tell you one thing; it will not be played at my wedding.

#6 The second funk song in our ranking at number 6 in the top 10 list is KC & The Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight. This disco classic is guaranteed to jump start any party. KC can deliver enthusiasm, but personally I think other KC songs could belong in this top 10 spot. Regardless, this is a great song.

#5 The signature song of Def Leppard is Pour Some Sugar on Me. Serving as the stereotypical awesome party song; this is played at a variety of events because it is highly requested. If you are a big classic or 80s hair band fan, then you are familiar with this track and Rock n Roll. I knew this would be in the top 10 of our song list.

#4 Van Morrison has many great songs and “Brown Eyed Girl” comes in at number 4 on our song list. This song is timeless, meaning that it appeals to practically everyone. This unforgettable melody would fit in the genre of bubbly pop. Brown Eyed Girl is a high spirited all time favorite so, it has earned its place at number 4 on our top song list.

#3 Who seriously has not danced or karaoked to the B-52s Love Shack before? This song is not played out yet, in some (generations it maybe), but this tune is packed full or energy and flair. The Love Shack actually has its own dance that all ages know. This seems to be a trend with the younger generation. All I have to say is Tinnnnnn Rooooof……. rusted.

#2 Our second place on our top 10 song list is Justin Timberlake Sexy Back. Justin Timberlake has been in the in the music scene for several years, and finally solidifies his single debut chart topper Sexy Back. This Timbaland-produced track features deep snazzy riffs with processed vocals. People know this song when it is played at our parties and is the only recent song to make its way into the top ten.

#1 AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long is seriously a must play at our events, and deserves the number 1 spot on our top wedding song list. AC/DC is requested by all age groups and You Shook Me All Night Long has a tendency to bring people together. When people hear those first 3 notes, they go crazy. This is one of their most recognizable/well known songs. There are still other songs by AC/DC that deserve the same recognition. Angus Young can tear that guitar up!

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