Some Real Good Facts About Photo Impact Printer

By 30th July 2015Articles

A photo impact printer is a new generation printer which replaced the dot-matrix printer and the daisy wheel printer. Its working is simple and we can say it works by making an impact on the paper with the ink released by a cartridge. The ink presses on the paper and therefore forms the printing process. The photo impact printer inks the hammer by dipping it into the cartridge and applies it on the paper that is slid in. It can literally print anything including normal text, photos, large fonts, different colors, etc.

It has eliminated the drawbacks of dot-matrix printers which are only used to print in a single color which only included printing of simple text. This new innovation helps us print pictures and text in various colors. This is possible because it works on a cartridge system and not by the ribbon method.

Nowadays, a photo impact printer has built in software to edit, resize or even the caption an image. We can add logos and symbols and make fake watermarks on the image which may look real. Photo impact printers do not necessarily just print on paper; and hence are used to print t-shirts, make imprints on jewelry, cars, musical instruments, plastic mugs, etc. The photo impact printer has helped our lives in a large way and no one can deny it is one of the wonderful inventions of the recent times.

There are many makers of this kind of printers which include Hewlett Packard, Canon, and Epson among others. They are reasonable, compact and user-friendly. On the downside, these printers use a lot of ink, which is expensive because of the non-erasable property in them. These printers require constant repair and tuning up otherwise they may stop working very soon. Maintenance is the top disadvantage despite many attractive features. Thus, photo impact printers are important machines used by man in this modern world and tend to affect of lives either way.

Source by Chris Cornell