An Outlook on a Complete Green Screen Backdrop

By 30th July 2015Articles

A Green screen backdrop is used in picture making when green screen technique is applied on a photograph or a video. This kind of backdrop includes a complete studio kit along with the green or blue color cloth, body suit, stand for hanging the cloth and a few background images. Though there are many such backdrops available in the market but it depends on a photographer on selecting the best out of all.

While purchasing a green screen backdrop a photographer should concentrate on high quality material. In other words, a person should have recognition of good quality materials for such kind of picture making. In this kind of picture making, a photographer needs to replace the background image of a subject by any other desirable image through digital means or video editing tools. One can use either green or blue color cloth at the back of the subject.

However, mainly the photographers use green color material as it farthest from the human skin tone and make the masking easier as well as smooth. The green shaded cloth should be of higher quality material. Usually this cloth is of muslin material as it does not get creased or folded. It can successfully absorb light and completely eliminates reflection. It is successful at eliminating reflection as the material is cotton. In order to avoid folds and creases, it is entirely made of one piece of material. This cloth is lighter in weight and convenient to handle. The stand is also available which has rods on both the ends to handle the cloth. You can photograph your subject either in the outdoor setting or inside the studio. Some companies also offer you a variety of image packs based on different themes.

For instance, you can replace the image of the subject by any other romantic graphics on Valentine’s Day. You can even place your subject in the midst of tallest buildings or Seven Wonders of the World with such kind of image packs. Some companies allow you to even make your subject wear a complete body suit for making him invisible. All these are the equipment available in the market with different prices and features.

Source by Angel Wood