SixApp – Add Six-Pack Abs in Your Photographs With This iPhone Application

By 28th July 2015Articles

SixApp is a great iPhone application for those who enjoy playing and humor with photos. Available for a mere price of $0.99, it can be the application that becomes your favorite, once you use it. The application allows user to add a different layer over the photographs and make it look as if the person in the photograph have a six-pack abs that they actually do not possess in reality.

You can load it from App Store and it is a wonderful photo editing application. As soon as you open the application, you will first be greeted by a start up screen. If you’re ready to get started, you’ll just need to touch the start button which is there on the screen’s right corner.

The first screen will let you select a photograph that you can choose either from the one that is available in the photo album of your iPhone or you can also add a new photograph to work with. Once you are over with selection of photographs, you’ll need to select the types of abs that you want to add or overlay. Different kind of abs are available, both of female and male types. You can choose from various options such as Absurd, Ripped, Just a Bit etc.

After you have selected the type of abs you want to overlay on the image, touch the “Adjust” button on the screen. You’re also allowed to stretch the abs by grabbing it so that you can fit it on the photograph. Once you feel that the abs have been placed exactly where you want them, you can get finishing touch by touching the “erase” button that is present on your screen’s lower right corner. After you are done with the image you can also share it with your friends.

SixApp — iPhone application has a “Save/Share” screen using which you can share your creation through e-mail, Facebook or else save the photograph in the folders that are available on your device. The application has a good functionality and is quite user-friendly for even a new user does not face problems by working with this application. In fact, SixApp iPhone application is great for adding a bit humor in your life.

Source by Debbie Gordon